How to Calculate Ring Size?

Everyone has a ring size, just like a shoe size, it is unique to you. There is no standard or average ring size. Ring size is a must-know for both men and women. So how is this measure calculated? We describe the two simplest methods for you. By taking only 1 minute, you can easily learn your finger number and order a ring quickly.

Along with the methods by which you can calculate your ring size on your own, the answer to many questions such as the ring size chart, whether your finger size will change over time, and how to get a ring size without being noticed, are also answered in this article. here we go;

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  1. Ring Size Calculation Methods in Home Comfort
    If you want to calculate your ring size, which you can learn free of charge from any jeweler, you can easily calculate it with the following two methods.

Method 1

First of all, determine which finger you will use the ring you want to buy. Grab any existing ring you’ve used before on the finger you want to use. After obtaining a ruler with a millimeter measure, determine the inner diameter of the ring by placing your existing ring on a flat surface horizontally. Be sure to follow the millimeter on the ruler.

The diameter of the ring in the picture is 17 mm. So your ring size is approximately 14.

Silver Men’s Rings

Method 2

If you do not have an existing ring on the finger you want to wear the ring you want to buy, take a piece of paper in your hand. Cover the paper in a controlled manner by wrapping your finger in the form of a strip. Determine the size of the paper with the millimeter ruler by marking the coated spot. This value you have measured will give information about the circumference of your finger.

Ring Size (no)






Inside Diameter Inside CircumferenceSizes
MMInchesMMInchesBritish & Australian US & CanadaFrench & RussianGermanJapaneseSwiss
12.180.48238.261.51A 1/23/4
12.600.49639.581.56B 1/21 1/4
12.780.50340.151.58C1 1/2
13.000.51240.841.61C 1/21 3/4
13.210.52041.501.63D241 1/213 1/221 1/2
13.410.52842.131.66D 1/22 1/4
13.610.53642.761.68E2 1/242 3/413 3/432 3/4
13.830.54443.451.71E 1/22 3/4
14.150.55744.451.75F 1/23 1/8
14.250.56144.771.76F 3/43 1/4
14.360.56545.111.77G3 3/845 1/455 1/4
14.450.56945.401.79G 1/43 1/214 1/2
14.560.57345.741.80G 1/23 5/86
14.650.57746.021.81H3 3/446 1/26 1/2
14.860.58546.681.84H 1/24157
15.040.59247.251.86I4 1/447 3/47 3/4
15.270.60147.971.89I 1/24 1/215 1/48
15.400.60648.381.90J4 5/84915 1/29
15.530.61148.791.92J 1/44 3/4
15.700.61849.321.94J 1/2515 3/49
15.800.62249.641.95K5 1/85010
15.900.62649.951.97K 1/45 1/4
16.000.63050.271.98K 1/25 3/810
16.100.63450.581.99L5 1/251 3/41611 3/4
16.300.64251.212.02L 1/45 3/4
16.410.64651.552.03L 1/25 7/8
16.510.65051.872.04M652 3/416 1/21212 3/4
16.710.65852.502.07M 1/26 1/4
16.920.66653.162.09N6 1/254171314
17.130.67453.822.12N 1/26 3/4
17.350.68354.512.15O755 1/417 1/41415 1/4
17.450.68754.822.16O 1/27 1/4
17.750.69955.762.20P7 1/256 1/217 3/41516 1/2
17.970.70756.452.22P 1/27 3/4
18.190.71657.152.25Q857 3/4181617 3/4
18.350.72257.652.27Q 1/28 1/4
18.530.72958.212.29Q 3/48 1/218 1/217
18.610.73358.472.30R8 5/85919
18.690.73658.722.31R 1/48 3/4
18.800.74059.062.32R 1/28 7/8
18.890.74859.342.35R 3/491918
19.100.75260.002.36S9 1/860 1/420 1/4
19.220.75760.382.38S 1/49 1/4
19.310.76060.662.39S 1/29 3/8
19.410.76460.982.40S 3/49 1/219 1/219
19.510.76861.292.41T9 5/861 1/221 1/2
19.620.77261.642.43T 1/49 3/4
19.840.78162.332.45T 1/2102020
20.020.78862.892.48U10 1/462 3/42122 3/4
20.200.79763.462.50U 1/210 1/220 1/422
20.320.80063.842.51V10 5/86323 3/4
20.440.80564.212.53V 1/410 3/4
20.680.81464.972.56V 1/21120 3/423
20.760.81765.222.57W11 1/86525
20.850.82165.502.58W 1/411 1/4
20.940.82465.782.59W 1/211 3/8
21.080.83066.222.61W 3/411 1/22124
21.180.83466.542.62X11 5/866 1/426 1/4
21.240.83666.732.63X 1/411 3/4
21.300.83966.922.64X 1/211 7/8
21.490.84667.512.66Y1267 1/221 1/42527 1/2
21.690.85468.142.68Y 1/212 1/4
21.890.86268.772.71Z12 1/268 3/421 3/42628 3/4
22.100.87069.432.73Z +1/212 3/4
  1. Ring Size Chart

Silver Women’s Rings

Ring size varies according to countries, gender and weight. In Turkey, a woman’s ring size starts from the smallest 8 and is known as 28 with the biggest exception. The average ring size of Turkish women was measured as 15. For Turkish men, the smallest number is 10 and the largest is 35. As you can imagine, people with the smallest finger sizes are physically weak, while people with large numbers are overweight. An estimated ring size can be taken according to the weight of the people, but it is not an accurate method. Now that you have learned your ring size with the two simple methods we have explained to you, now is the time to like rings at affordable prices!

  1. Can Ring Measurement Change Over Time?
    As we mentioned above, ring size is not unique like fingerprints. In this context, it is necessary to accept that it is changeable. The ring size does not change continuously over time, but may vary depending on physical actions such as weight gain and loss. There is no need to worry, as there will not be large numerical differences between these changes. Many accessory masters can now narrow and widen the ring as desired.
  2. Taking Ring Measurements Without Liking
    Soldier Circuit Rings

You may want to gift a ring not only to yourself, but to a loved one, your spouse or your mother, but you may give up this gift idea because you do not know the size. In such cases, you may want to temporarily take the ring that he used for any reason. In this way, it is possible to have the comfort of reaching the ring size information.

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