Features and Benefits of Onyx Stone


In this article, all those who are curious about this natural stone will find everything, from how to understand the real onyx stone, the features, and benefits of it, and where it is extracted from. Here we go…

What is Onyx Stone and Where Does it Extracted From?

Onyx stone is known as “split stone” and “luck stone” and is a semi-precious stone type. The onyx has been a highly revered gemstone for hundreds of years. This intriguing gem is a variety of layered chalcedony, which is a type of quartz. An onyx typically has a black base and a white upper layer; however the parallel bands present in between come in many colour variations, including brown, white and grey. It has an opaque appearance and is as shiny as glass. The hardness of the stone is 7.

Onyx is most commonly mined in Italy, China, Madagascar, Mexico, Egypt, Germany and India. Onyx, which contains a large number of minerals, was formed as a result of the petrification of fossil remains under the ground for centuries under various heat and compression, as in many stones. Onyx has been used in the manufacture of various ornaments and jewellery from ancient times to the present, due to its formability and aesthetic appearance. The stone, which is widely used in this field today, is a type that is frequently preferred especially in rosary.

Benefits of Onyx Stone

Onyx stone has many physical and psychological benefits.

* It is an effective stone on self-confidence, happiness, depression, and stress reduction.

* It protects the person against negative energies.

* It has a calming and relaxing feature. It is believed to bring luck and courage.

* Provides balance in people with focus problems

* It provides balance in male-female relations.

* It reduces the anxiety disorder, allows us to be positive about the future. Gives the energy the person needs

* Reduces the possibility of making mistakes by protecting the person from own intense emotions.

How to Clean Onyx Stone

It is recommended to wash the onyx stone for 5 minutes under running water to purify it from the negative energy collected on it. Keeping it under the sun for an hour also has a purifying effect on the stone.

Onyx Stone Accessories

Onyx stone is the sacred stone of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, which are earth signs. People with this zodiac sign can protect themselves from negative energy by choosing onyx stone accessories. Onyx stone is mostly used in rosary and ring accessories. The price of onyx stone jewellery is cheaper than other stones such as amber and oltu stone, and they are found more in nature. Onyx stone rosaries are preferred by many men in terms of taking the negative energy of the person who is praying. Onyx stone rings are frequently used in both women’s and men’s accessories. Again, onyx necklaces are preferred by many women as they create the elegance of nobility on special occasions.

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