What is Tiger’s Eye Stone? The Meaning, Features and Benefits of Tiger’s Eye Gemstone


Tiger’s Eye is generally known as a metamorphic rock with brown tones. When the Tiger Eye is polished, it provides a silky appearance. We can’t say that it is completely glass, but it has a glassy and silky type. The use of Tiger Eye Stone dates back to ancient ages. In terms of symbolizing both independence and protection, it has been used in the clothes and war tools of some state officials throughout history. On the spiritual side, it is possible to say that warriors refer to the Tiger’s Eye Stone especially because it symbolizes independence. It is also associated with Sekhmet, The Goddess of Victory and Destruction in wars in Ancient Egyptian Mythology. In this direction, it is possible to witness that Tiger Eye Stone is used in many jewellery and items in the accessory field.

Known Benefits of Tiger’s Eye Stone

Tiger Eye Stone, which has been the symbol of independence and protection throughout history, also has a rich content in terms of benefits. In addition to many natural stones, Tiger Eye Stone creates a healing area for the respiratory tract and digestive system. This stone, which is preferred and loved by asthma patients, has also taken its place as a favourite stone in accessories used by those with intestinal sensitivity. Another reason for the use of this stone, especially by the leaders in history, who came to the fore with their warrior identities, is because they believed that it would enable them to display a more objective and objective attitude in the face of events. People who wear the Tiger’s Eye Stone also say that their dependence on people has decreased.

Tiger’s Eye Stone Specifications

Hardness: 6.5 – 7

Specific Gravity: 2.60

Color: Black, gray, golden brown

Originated: South Africa, Australia, Burma

Chakras: Forehead, Solar Plexus Chakra

How to Clean Tiger’s Eye Stone

Cleaning with running water: You can clean hard stones by washing them under running water for 4-5 minutes.

Keeping under the sun: Waiting for 24 hours under the sun also has a purifying effect on the stone.

With Sea Salt: You can purify your crystal by keeping it in sea water or salt water prepared with sea salt for about 10 minutes.

Tiger Eye Stone Rings and Jewellry in Anitolia

Anıtolia Jewellery, which sponsors many historical TV series within the scope of licensed products, has once again shown that it is a brand that will not ignore and evaluate the Tiger Eye Stone, which appears with a historical image on the natural stone side, in this context. If you also want to touch these elegant feelings, you can contact our customer service for detailed information and reach us.

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