What is Zircon Stone? Features and Benefits of Zircon Stone


Would you like to take a closer look at the Zircon stone which is used in the craftsmanship of the jewelry produced in the world of silver accessories? Here are 5 different features of Zircon Stone…

As Anitolia, we use zircon stone in our memorial rings and many other accessories. In this article, we will answer the question of “Why Zircon?” among many stones.

Zircon is derived from the words “zarkun” meaning “red” in Arabic and “zar” and “gun” meaning “gold” and “color” in Persian. This natural stone, which has existed since ancient times, was accepted as the sibling of diamond in ancient times. It was often used by the high level people of the Middle Ages, as it was believed to provide its owner with good fame, wisdom and status in the society in Medieval Europe.

It is a stone found in many colors, including dark red, orange, purple, yellow, brown, blue and transparent in nature. The blue and green ones are called “starlight”, while the yellowish and transparent ones are called “jargon”.

Unique Features of Zircon

Compared to other natural stones, Zircon has two important features that make it unique. First, Zircon has such a durable structure that; it survived volcanic eruptions and meteor strikes without being damaged. The second and most mysterious feature is; The fact that it has the oldest elemental structure among the stones unearthed in the world. This feature has included scientists in the subject and has led to the establishment of a branch of science called Zirconology.

Which is the Most Valuable Zircon Stone?

The most valuable zircons to be used as jewelry are the colorless ones. It has the ability to refract light almost as much as diamond, but despite its similarity to diamond, its hardness is 2.5 Mohs lower than diamond. The most important Zircon deposits are in Brazil, USA, Canada, Australia, India, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Norway, and 40% of the Zircon distributed to the world market is obtained from Australia.

The Benefits of Zircon

Zircon is a stone that is believed to give vitality to the person in terms of both its color and durability. For this reason, it promises a general improvement in mentally and physiologically. It is believed that it strengthens the immune system against microbial diseases and heals people suffering from microbial diseases faster. In addition, it is among the accepted benefits that it has an effect such as giving brightness on the skin.

Why Do We Use Zircon Stone in Our Rings?

Zircon is one of the precious stones that can be used to increase the life energy, to strengthen the desire for life by shaking off inertia in every field. It is one of the features believed since ancient times that it brings profusion and elevates the person in society. It is recommended that people who will enter a new community wear Zircon, as they will be accepted more quickly and easily in the environment. It is said that zircon acts as a shield against enemies and hostile attitudes. For this reason, we often use zircon stones in our eagle-headed rings that we produce for soldiers and police. You can order this special accessory, which is indispensable for those who want to feel the power on their finger, by visiting the Anitolia website.

We Tell Zircon Stone According to Your Zodiac Sign!

Since zircon is a precious stone that can be found in various colors in nature, it is astrologically distributed to different zodiac signs according to the colors it has. Green Zircon is Mercury stone. Hence, it is suitable for Gemini and Virgo zodiac signs ruled by Mercury. Transparent Zircon is the stone of Venus. Hence, it is suitable for Taurus and Libra zodiac signs ruled by Venus. Those who will use zircon should carefully determine the position of Venus or Mercury in their maps.

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