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Features and Benefits of Malachite Stone


Malachite, which originates from the French word, means copperstone that can be carved and polished. Although it is easy in terms of accessibility and workability, it has a very valuable place. It has been a ubiquitous stone in various Northern Countries, mostly in the Southern Region of America and Anatolia. Malachite Stone, which is in […]

What is Tiger’s Eye Stone? The Meaning, Features and Benefits of Tiger’s Eye Gemstone


Tiger’s Eye is generally known as a metamorphic rock with brown tones. When the Tiger Eye is polished, it provides a silky appearance. We can’t say that it is completely glass, but it has a glassy and silky type. The use of Tiger Eye Stone dates back to ancient ages. In terms of symbolizing both […]

What is Agate Gemstone? Properties of Agate Stone (Aqeeq Stone)


Agate Gemstone and its Properties (Aqeeq Stone) Agate or aqeeq gemstone is one of the most common and preferred natural stones in the world. It is one of the strongest stones that has been researched by scientists and believed that it has many benefits. The name “agate” comes from the Achates River in Sicily/Italy. In […]

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