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Men's Ring

The most favorite jewelry of men, who do not have the opportunity to choose as much as women, are rings. Men's ring models are designed according to various tastes and presented to people's taste. Among the tens of varieties on the market, silver men's ring models appeal to users in many ways with various options in terms of designs, weights and cutting styles. You can review the products on our site for ring models suitable for your age and style, and you can contact us 24/7 for support.

Silver Men's Ring

In recent years, interest in silver rings has increased noticeably. Hundreds of different designs and being suitable for every budget are the main reasons for this. Despite their cheap prices, their unique designs make men's silver rings a unique and indispensable accessory. Silver men's rings, which stand out among the limited jewelry possibilities for men, are not only an accessory, but also a perfect choice that makes sense and reflects the style of individuals. Especially 925 sterling silver rings are the first choice of silver lovers. In this way, you can have the most elegance of silver. 925 sterling silver rings, which are the primary choice of users with the opportunity of an Anitolia lifetime warranty, are serviced free of charge by our company in case of any problem. Even if the silver rings are tarnished due to oxidation in the long term, they are returned to you by Anitolia as the first day. Silver men's ring models are available on our website with designs that appeal to different styles. By examining our products on our website, you can have detailed information about their prices and technical features. Rings are one of the most important accessories you will use to reflect your style. Men's ring models, which will complement your elegance in daily life, business life or a special meeting, are like the passion of many men. Men who feel the lack of a ring when there is no ring on their finger or who are thinking of wearing a ring, you can also come to Anitolia and have a look at the silver men's rings. Men's rings made of 925 sterling silver are renewed every day with new models and designs. Visit our site for the latest trending men's silver rings.

Men's Ring Models

Anitolia, which has very rich products in terms of design, brings you different models at affordable prices. It manages to be the common point of different tastes with many product types such as Turkish flag, Kayı length, Ottoman, stoned, stoneless, enamelled, handcrafted, zihgir, elif-vavli ring models. Anitolia also makes some surprises for its customers with its discount products and campaigns. By following the website, you can buy quality products at affordable prices. Among the men's silver ring models suitable for all styles, produced for gentlemen who love to wear rings, you can easily order the one that suits your style. Men's silver ring models are classified according to the method and motifs used in their crafting. Today, many different ring models are produced every day. As the variety increases, the decision-making process becomes longer and more difficult. Even though we are lost among many different models, you always know what will reflect you. Therefore, when choosing accessories, you should definitely choose among the ring models that reflect you. Another criterion in ring selection is the metal used. Depending on your budget and what you wear it for, you can choose silver or gold rings. Since gold rings will be more expensive here, people prefer silver rings in their daily accessories. Silver is a metal that requires maintenance compared to gold. May darken on contact with water. If a silver ring is to be chosen, it should be chosen with this in mind.

Men's Rings with Natural Stone

Stone rings, which are among the indispensable preferences of men in every age and time, are preferred both because of the healing of the natural stone used in its workmanship and the stylish appearance it creates on the finger. Among these silver ring models, also known as natural stone rings, the most preferred ones are agate stone rings, onyx stone rings and mother-of-pearl rings. Men's rings with agate stone are known to be the most used natural stone in the ring from past to present. It is a trend ring model preferred by men due to its use in the Islamic period. Onyx stone rings are preferred because they reduce the stress on the wearer. Onyx is the most commonly used stone in rings with large stones. If you want to attract attention on special occasions or invitations, you can choose ring models with large stones. This ring model is followed by rings with mother-of-pearl stones, which are believed to bring luck and courage as well as their calming and relaxing properties. Other preferred models among natural stones are tiger eye stone rings and turquoise stone rings. You can easily place an order by choosing the one that suits your style among many natural stone ring models on our site. You can have the quality of Anitolia with stone types such as agate, amber, tiger's eye, mother-of-pearl and onyx stone. While agate stone is very popular with the belief that it heals, amber stone rings stand out as the miracle of nature. Onyx stone rings are used by those who prefer the nobility of black. Black men's rings are among the indispensables of gentlemen as they are suitable for many combinations. Other stones appeal to different tastes and attract the attention of a wide audience. You can find agate rings here You can find onyx rings here

Custom Rings

We can write the text you want with the laser method on Personal rings that can be personalized. These special rings, which are preferred by those who want to receive a gesture or a special gift for their loved ones, are offered to you with the opportunity of a lifetime guarantee with Anitolia. Personalized rings made entirely of 925 sterling silver with your name are waiting for you with many models.

Men's Rings without Stone

Rings without stones come to the fore with their stylish appearance, but they still have many designs with simple or abundant motifs. These rings, which are also available in colored or plain models, have a wide user base.

Enamel Rings

Although enameled rings attract attention with their more colorful models, it is also possible to find simple ring models. Silver ring models produced by using the enameling method in workmanship are called enameled rings. This type of silver ring models are mostly suitable for daily use, you can easily complete your elegance with this ring model that you will always carry on your finger. Mostly red, blue and green enamel are used in this ring model, which is made of 925 sterling silver. The inside of the enamel is decorated with the historical Ottoman coat of arms, Ottoman tugra or motifs such as Arabic Elif, Vav. Prophet Solomon's Ring (Seal of Solomon or Seal of David) Hz. The Seal or Seal of Solomon is a miraculous seal attributed to the prophet Solomon. Prophet Solomon used this seal as a ring. On the ring, there is a six-pointed star consisting of two interlocking triangles, one inverted and one straight. Hz. It is believed that the seal of Solomon indicates the union of the sky and the earth. It represents material and spiritual integrity. It is a Rahmani symbol used especially by Muslims in the past. You can also come to Anitolia and have a look at the rings of Solomon with the seal of 925 sterling silver and choose from different models. Thumb Rings (Zihgir – Archer Ring) Thumb rings (zihgir), an archery material that has survived from the Hun Empire until today, are among the most special accessories that represent the warrior spirit. Zihgir, also known as "archer ring", "chast ring", "tirkeş ring" and "kemankeş ring", is worn on the thumb. Archer rings are known as symbols of power, courage and fondness for freedom. Zihgirs, which were used as war tools thousands of years ago, appear as the accessories preferred by men in daily life. If you want to have a warrior look, you can choose among the Kayı, Ottoman crest, and monogram zihgir models on our site. Zihgir rings, also known as archer or thumb rings, are an accessory from history. Used by archers to protect the thumb, this ring is now also the perfect accessory. Zihgir rings with many different types and embroideries met with 925 sterling silver. Don't forget to check out the rich Anitolia archer ring collection.

Men's Ring Prices

Men's ring prices can be in a wide range. However, men's silver ring prices are generally suitable for the budget. Compared to expensive gold rings, silver rings allow you to have a stylish accessory in a more affordable way. In this way, it is a good choice for those who want to make gestures to themselves and to buy gifts for their loved ones. The prices of men's silver ring models vary according to workmanship, gram, stone, or stoneless and campaign periods. The general trend is between 40 USD and 150 USD. Gold rings are not preferred because they are an expensive metal and are forbidden to men in Islam. Gentlemen, instead, turn to silver ring models, which are cheaper ring models. Among the silver ring models, the cheapest ones are stoneless rings and enameled rings. Natural stone rings are among the expensive ring models since they are priced according to the difficulty of finding the stone used in the craftsmanship in nature and removing it. You can also visit our site to browse discounted men's rings and choose from ring models suitable for every budget.

Men's Ring Types

If we collect the ring models mentioned above under the main headings, men's ring types are divided into stone and without stone. While there are varieties such as agate, mother-of-pearl, onyx and amber; There are different motifs and enameled rings in men's rings without stones. In addition, if we separate it according to the finger on which the ring is worn, zihgirs have a special place in men's ring types. Because zihgir rings are specially designed for the thumb.  

Silver Ring Gift for Him

Silver men's rings are a good alternative for those who are looking for a gift for their boyfriend, husband or a loved one. Silver rings, which are a valuable gift despite their reasonable prices, will be a nice accessory gift for ladies who have troubles from time to time about what gift to buy for a man. Silver rings, which are among the most special gift options you can present to your loved ones, can be quite easy when you know the style of the person you will buy them. .You can choose rings with or without stones, depending on the age and style of the person you are going to gift. While adding a stylish atmosphere to their style with gift rings that they will always carry on their fingers, they will always feel you by their side. You can give an unforgettable engagement to your loved ones with men's silver ring models that you can present on special occasions such as Valentine's Day gifts and birthday gifts. If you wish, you can personalize your ring by printing your names inside the ring.

Anitolia for Men's Silver Ring!

We continue to be the address of safe shopping, with the aim of bringing you the most beautiful men's silver rings without sacrificing quality, with guarantee and free shipping on all rings and shopping in instalments Ring Size & Men's Ring Numbers The question of how to get the ring size is the first question that comes to mind of those who want to shop, and it is usually one of the biggest problems experienced after the order. The reason for this is the wrong ring size when ordering. For this reason, the order should be given with the correct ring size, especially in order not to waste time in adjusting the size afterwards. You can measure the ring size at home as described in the article you can find on the Anitolia blog page. However, do not forget that you can get the most accurate size from your nearest silversmith/jewelry free of charge. As Anitolia, we recommend that you seek help from professionals.

Mens Ring Sizes

Men's rings offer the sparkle that will help provide a complementary element to men's combinations. Men's ring models that you will combine according to your greyhound will take you to the forefront of one level. Men's rings will help you achieve a great style that will allow men to showcase their style and add vitality to their outfits. Ring sizes: Before ordering a new men's ring online or purchasing a ring from another store where you don't know how accurately it measures (and there are many ways to measure), you'll want to visit your jeweler or accessory shop and ask them to measure your finger). Thus, you will use the same unit of measurement in your ring orders.
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