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Amethyst Rings Mens

As it is known as the stone of love and affection, it has the feature of converting the energy in the environment into love energy.
It is a stone that has the feature of collecting negative electric charge on it. By converting this negative energy into positive energy, it takes the tension of the environment.


Amethyst Properties

Has effects that increase brain power. It has been found to have a positive effect on depressed individuals. It has effects such as reducing the current stress and relieving the feeling of anger. It has a healing effect against diseases that adversely affect human health such as skin diseases, allergic reactions, migraine, headaches, heart diseases. It improves the health status of the person by cleansing the body from harmful toxins. It is a stone that those who suffer from insomnia can solve their sleep problems by putting them under their pillows or holding them in their hands. Since the energy of the stone is high, it also increases the energy of the person carrying it and makes it revitalize. It is a stone that provides protection from bad energy and evil eye. In addition to having positive effects on the circulatory system, it also has positive effects on joint pain and nervous system. It makes the mind stronger. It helps to provide inner peace. For this reason, amethyst stone can be used while doing meditation. It has an effect that makes decisions clear. It is believed to have a protective effect against cancer. If amethyst is used in the forehead area; the sixth sense gets stronger. It is beneficial for eye health. It is known that it has positive effects on eliminating addictions. Thanks to the amethyst stone, the immune system can be strengthened.
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