Sterling Silver Mens Axe Ring with Crescent Star Stonework


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Sterling Silver Mens Axe Ring with Crescent Star Stonework Product Specifications Made from 925 Sterling Silver. Weighs approximately 22,5 grams. Subject to change according to your ring size. The ring carries a piece of zircon stone etched with the Crescent Star via laser. The underside of the upper surface (where it is supposed to touch the finger) is exposed. The sides of the ring are designed with IYI (The Kai Tribe mark) adorned on an axe motive. The upper surface dimensions are approximately 1,9 cm horizontally and 2,7 cm vertically. You can find out about your ring size with the help of your local jeweler. What is Zircon Stone? Zircon is an important gemstone of many colours, and is an historical gemstone used for thousands of years. It is sometimes looked upon as a cheap Diamond simulant, but in actuality it can be a valuable gem. The Benefits of Zircon Stone It is believed that Zircon stone has some benefits: Brings passion, understanding and romance to relationships, Protects from hormonal imbalance, Helps in improving social life of its wearer. How can I learn my ring size? We send our products according to your finger size. The best way to measure your finger is to measure your finger in a jewellery store. In addition, you can enlarge or shrink the size of ring in a jewellery shop after you received. Each silver ring can grow up to 3-4 numbers and shrink.



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