Sultan Abdülhamid Silver Ring with "Hüdhüd" Bird



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Sultan Abdülhamid Silver Ring with "Hüdhüd" Bird

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69.88 USD
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  • Sultan Abdulhamid II has a special place in history of Ottoman Empire. His 33 years of reign faced many political, economical and social challenges. His struggle is being told by "Payitaht Abdülhamid (Sultan Abdülhamid)" TV series in Turkey which is broadcasted by national channel TRT1.

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    Sultan Abdülhamid Silver Ring with "Hüdhüd" Bird (Eurasian Hoopoe)

    • Material: 925 sterling silver and bronze
    • Weight: ±15 gr
    • There crescents and stars on both sides
    • Upper surface from up to down approximately: 2.3 cm
    • Hüdhüd bird means Eurasian hoopoe
    • There is written "Payitaht (the original name of the series)" inside of the ring.
    • There are logos of TRT (official broadcaster) and Anı Yüzük (official producer of accessories)

    Many features are attributed to Hüdhüd bird (Eurasian Hoopoe) in  Islamic and Eastern cultures. It is known as the bird that informs prophet Solomon (Suleiman)about hiding enemies. It is also believed that it protects from evil eye and breaks the spell. Hüdhüd bird is mentioned in Quran as well.

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