Turquoise Stone Silver Mens Ring with Ornaments



63.75 USD

Turquoise Stone Silver Mens Ring with Ornaments

Product Code:MR-PTK-008
63.75 USD
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  • Turquoise Stone Silver Mens Ring with Ornaments Product Features

    • Material: 925 sterling silver
    • Weight: ±12.5 gr
    • The ring has turquoise stone
    • The veins on stone may vary
    • The sides of ring are completed with symmetrical designs

    The Benefits of Turquoise Stone

    It is believed that Turquoise stone has some benefits:

    • It helps to heal of the immune, respiratory, waste and skeletal systems,
    • In the workplace, Turquoise promotes leadership, assists relocation,
    • It is considered as the stone of communication. It is beneficial for fear of public speaking and makes a speaker more creative and honest,
    • Increases the positive mental characteristics like creativity, empathy, positive thinking.

    How can I learn my ring size?

    We send our products according to your finger size. The best way to measure your finger is to measure your finger in a jewellery store.

    In addition, you can enlarge or shrink the size of ring in a jewellery shop after you received. Each silver ring can grow up to 3-4 numbers and shrink.

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